We’ve just had a trim!

Will we still be Canadian?                 
Heck yes, we will be.

Why Rebel?
For us, this shift in name is about celebrating our customers. So many of you rebel by being visionaries, game changers, dream followers – fearless in your endeavours. Many of you improve lives and communities through your websites. You contribute in what’s become the world’s bravest communication space: the internet. We’re proud to support that by offering products and services that make participation online possible.
As Rebel.ca, we’ll continue to offer the products and services you need to succeed online. We’ll also work to inspire others to contribute by showcasing the ideas, services, perspectives, stories and businesses that you’ve already brought to the web.

Were you bought out?
Absolutely not! We’re the same company you know (and hopefully love), we’re just changing our name and giving ourselves a makeover.
Will pricing and billing still be in Canadian dollars?
Yes! Rebel.ca billing will continue to be in Canadian funds.
How will this affect pricing and billing?
You won’t experience any changes to your billing settings or dates.

How will this affect my privacy?
Your privacy will remain intact and nothing will change in your WHOIS information.
Your email information and login are still the same too.

Terms & Conditions
Our terms and conditions remain the same, we’ve just updated the name of our company. You can view them here.

Support Contacts

You can now reach your Customer Support team toll free at 1-866-497-3235.
You can reach them via email at service@rebel.ca.
Support via former Domainsatcost channels will automatically re-direct.